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Keep calm! We are here to plan your wedding!

Palki For Bride Entry

दुल्हन की एंट्री के
लिए पालकी

Doli For Bride Bidai

दुल्हन की बिदाई के
लिए पालकी

Royal Bride/Groom Couple Entry

दूल्हा दुल्हन की
रॉयल एंट्री

Others Wedding & Corporate Events

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Palki for bride entry

A palki is an ideal way to enter your wedding, it can be used for your mehndi and accompanied by professional dhol players. The bride's brothers or uncles use the palki to arry her to the wedding scene. The palki can be made of metal, cushion, wood, fabric, or other materials. If you are lookin for something traditional, you will find a palki with this type of design. You don't have to worry as sedan chairs and sedan chairs come in multiple quality designs so you can find on that suits your needs. The sedan chairs and sedan chairs are very comfortable and have fine workmanship

Palki for bride entry

During the Vidaai ceremony, the Indian bride leaves her mother's house in a doli. According to Indian wedding tradition, the bride throws puffed rice on her head, which the bride's mother catches with her trailing sari. This ritual is important for leaving good wishes to parents.

India brides/daughters are considered to be a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity. So, upon leaving, the bride practices the ritual to keep wealth and prosperity intact in her home. This is the most emotional moment of the entire wedding ceremony, when family and friends say goodbye to the bride with tears in their eyes. With this they also bless them with a happy married life. The bride's father takes her to the car or to the doli and hands her over to the groom. The bride's brothers/cousins also join her with her husband waiting to take her to her family home to begin her new life as a married woman.

Royal Entry

As well as wearing a gorgeous bridal lehenga and the right adornments, a bride dreams of making a stunning bridal procession on her wedding day. And why not! After all, it's one of the few monumental moments of a wedding when all eyes are on the bride. Everyone from the guests to the groom eagerly awaits to see the bride in her bridal glory for the first time. That's why a bride needs to make sure her wedding entrance is unique and dreamy. Staying true to traditional wedding entrance ideas, some bridesstill walk down the aisle to the tune of "Din Shagna Da. While some become real and arrive as real Maharanis in impressive palkis and raths, others take the fun factor up a notch by appearing in golf carts, rickshaws and bicycles. In fact, we've even seen some daring brides who have pushed aside their inhibitions and made an elegant wedding entrance by dancing to the mandap. That sounds interesting, doesn't it?