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Solution for all weddings and corporate events management and entertainment. Shahi पालकी Palki & Shahi डोली Doli for Bride’s दुल्हन Entry & Vidaai with attractive themes.

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Palkis make the entry of a bride special and memorable. According to Indian rituals, the bride’s brothers or uncles use the palki to bring her to the wedding stage. On the other hand, the doli is used during the vidaai to take the bride from her father’s home to her husband’s home. The palki and the doli are adorned with flowers, artificial decorative items, etc.We at DoliWala specialize in providing palkis and dolis for weddings. Doli and palki for brides can be customized according to one’s needs and the themes of the nuptials. We aim to preserve the rich and classic Indian culture by providing dolis and palkis of different styles and sizes.

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What's better than celebrating your wedding functions under the glaze of elegant decor and a beautiful family? We have a lot of experience in this field and also a team of highly-skilled individuals who make sure that you are equipped with end-to-end services and facilities. According to Indian culture, Palkis are used for a bride’s entry and Dolis are utilized in a bride’s vidaai. We ace in providing beautiful and elegant dolis and palkis for the big day. We also make sure that the weddings do not lack the entertainment sector including artists’ management..Our company is appropriate for all your pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding ceremonies.

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It always seems impossible until it's done.

Doliwala 20191018_212335.png The Standard Of Wedding

Wedding is considered to be an important part of a bride's and groom's life. We ace in giving modern touch to traditional weddings and vice versa.

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We have various Hydraulic and revolving stages, flower shower machines, different types of palkis, dolis and chattar for bride and groom entry, royal soldiers, marshal guys, welcome girls, fairies for escorting the couple in Jai Mala.

Doliwala IMG-20220611-WA0003.png Make Ideas Happen

The professionals at DoliWala know very well how to make the event more glorious so that it brings a smile on everyone's face. Jaimala themes of different budget ranges are also available.

Doliwala three.png.jpeg Indian weddings with a Western Touch

This wedding was dazzled up with musical performances which mesmerized the guests and of course the bride and the groom.

Doliwala three2.png.jpeg The Cultural Wedding

This event reflected culture, rituals, simplicity and ethnicity.

Doliwala three3.png.jpeg Royal Big Fat Indian Wedding

This event reflected royalty, class and eminence. The mashaals gave a conventional look to the wedding.

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